What’s on in March 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s broadcast last Monday evening, both churches are now closed and all events in St Bridget’s Centre and Caldy Hall are cancelled until further notice. However, the Church is not the building…

Staying in Touch

  • Pastoral work will continue. It’s important we support each other by providing practical and spiritual help. Please do contact us if you would like to be put in touch with someone. Members of the Ministry Team and many others are standing by, wanting to be helpful! Sometimes a chat on the phone makes all the difference!                                                                         


  • For the Christian it goes without saying that we must be where Christ is:  with those who require our help.  As we all know there is great anxiety at the moment and probably much sickness will develop over the next few weeks. Please do remember in particular those who are elderly and / or alone; give a ring when you can.


  • If you use social media, this provides a great way to stay in touch with everything that is going on in both our churches:


Website: https://www.stbridgetschurch.org.uk   www.caldychurch.org.uk

Facebook: @ StBridgetsChurchWestKirby

Twitter: @StBandCaldy


The ordained clergy in the parish will be celebrating Communion in their own homes every Sunday at 9am on behalf of the whole parish.  We are still ‘in Communion’ with Christ and with each other.