Online Church

Online Church

If you would like to join an online service as advertised in the Newsletter click one of the following:

 Zoom.      YouTube.      Facebook

To join a Zoom meeting please also use the above link

Joining Zoom by landline phone 

Anyone wishing to access a Zoom session via their landline phone needs to do the following:

Dial one of these numbers:

0203 481 5237 or 0203 481 5240 or 0203 901 7895

0330 088 5830

0131 460 1196

0208 080 6591

0208 080 6592

When prompted for the meeting ID, dial 830 182 4880 followed by #

When prompted for a participant ID – press #

When prompted for the passcode: dial 861382 followed by #.

This will give you audio access. Although you won’t see all the participants you will be able to hear the conversation and contribute verbally.
If any further clarification is needed please contact John Smith on 678 6201.

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